Community Engagement Better Places

Our web maps help you gather constructive public input for walking & biking projects.

Use OpenPlans to set up a collaborative map for community input. Our tried and tested templates help you collect and manage feedback about street issues, suggestions for new bike and walking infrastructure, problems and opportunities for neighborhood planning, and more.

Planning of the Future

OpenPlans gets more people involved in urban planning decisions. It's the communications jet pack planners have been waiting for.

It’s all about your map!

Choose from our gallery of high‑quality, user‑friendly maps that collect place‑based feedback & ideas from participants.

Easily Manage Your Plans

It’s super easy to add other information to your plan. Alongside your map, include a project timeline, downloadable documents, text, images…

Plans Large & Larger

Use OpenPlans to collect data for multiple projects, and give everyone a birds‑eye view of planning initiatives across your municipality.

Who’s got OpenPlans?


NYC DOT Vision Zero

New York City is collecting feedback on street safety conditions like speeding and double parking, using Shareabouts and Google Street View. VIEW SITE


CDOT Bike Parking

Chicago residents can request a bike rack using Shareabouts. With a custom admin tool, city staff can review and reply to requests, and track installation tasks for contractors. VIEW SITE


Philly Bike Share

Philadelphia is collecting feedback on shortlisted bike share locations, using community knowledge to pick the best spots. VIEW SITE

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